God’s purposes of beautifying the earth through creation and renewal are worthy of replicating in our own lives through artistic creation.

God’s creative imprint is already in us. Let's use our songs and our sermons, our storytelling and our comic flair, our well-designed home or our teaching techniques, our carpentry or our hours of study, our cullinary art or cultivated crafts, or any kind of artistic endeavor to awaken the world around us to the glory that we’ve fallen from, the glory that was, and the glory that continually will be remade and renewed in us because of the redemption found in our Creator.

Below you'll find some ways we try to incorporate this into the life of our Church.



ArtSpeak's Mission: Uniting Community for the renewal of human dignity through a celebration of the arts.

ArtSpeak is a meeting place for artists and members of the larger community to dream of a more beautiful world. It is a way towards common ground - toward relationships through the shared language of art and restoration of the broken.  In the past, this has taken the form of an art show, musical concert and auction. We partner with the Amirah House, a safehouse for survivors of human trafficking on the North Shore.



Every Fall, we dedicate our entire service to the creativity of God and God’s people.  You can help by participating in the art show or dramatic retellings of Scripture!  


Art Blog

(includes written reflections, musical offerings, visual arts)