We are committed to offering a safe and loving environment for our children to grow in their understanding of God.  We desire to offer programs that help children become disciples who love Jesus, serve their community, and celebrate life.   

Ministry Objectives

  • To ensure a welcoming, safe, age-appropriate and caring environment for our children.

  • To provide a biblical and gospel-centered foundation for our children’s developing faith.

  • To help children become biblically literate and develop a biblical worldview.  


Is this your first time with us?  - Welcome!

If you’ve never visited Kidsrock before, you will be asked to fill out a brief registration card.  This will assist our volunteers in meeting your child’s needs while in our care. If your contact information changes at any time, please let our check-in team know so they can help you edit your information in our database.  

Classes and Ages

There are four opportunities for connection in Kidsrock, broken down by age needs. Our nursery and preschool options are offered for the entire service, while our elementary classes are dismissed just before the sermon and return to the service once the sermon is finished.

  • Nursery - Birth-Walkers - Children spend time learning about God through play, songs, and interaction with loving adults.  

  • Preschool - 3-5 years old - Children engage with God and each other through play, story time, songs, crafts, and snacks.  

  • K-2 - Kindergarten-2nd Grade - Children participate is a lesson and activity time during the sermon portion of the service.  

  • 3-5 - 3rd-5th Grade - Children participate is a lesson and activity time during the sermon portion of the service.  

When you arrive:

  1. Check-in: Safety is paramount.  Each child must be checked-in before proceeding to the Kidsrock classrooms. For regular attendees, check-in is quick!

  2. Communication: Our volunteers do not know all parents and children.  When checking in, please make certain to tell our volunteers about special instructions or special requests you may have.

  3. Our nursery has a changing station: Diaper bags and cups/bottles or other items are to be clearly marked.  Please make sure you indicate on the sign-in sheet if a bottle or snack is to be given to your baby.

  4. Stickers: Parents will be given a sticker with a code on it at the Check-In table.  Your child will receive a matching tag. You need to show this to pick up your child. Kidsrock teachers are instructed not to release a child to anyone unknown to them, unless they have the card.  For the safety of the little ones, we will not release children to older siblings.

  5. Parent Alerts: If we need to contact you during the service, the number on your sticker will be shown on the monitor in the front of worship area.  Please come to the Kidsrock area if you see your child’s number displayed.

When you pick up:

  1. Present sticker to the volunteer: The volunteer will get your child and their belongings and bring them to you.

  2. Nursery parents may enter the room: Crawlers can sometimes make quick escapes so make sure to close the door after you enter/leave the room.  To limit crowding, we request only one parent enter the nursery to drop off or pick up the child.

  3. Communication: Volunteers are instructed to inform you of any noteworthy events while your child was in our care.  Examples of such are any injuries, scrapes, etc.; significant episodes of really good behavior, such as being extra helpful or loving to a friend or of unacceptable behavior like hitting, biting, kicking, etc. 

Parent Guidelines

We’re glad to provide friendly and loving volunteers for your children as they participate in Kidsrock.  Please note that all our Kidsrock volunteers have been CORI checked.


If you are leaving a bottle or food for a child in Nursery, please make sure you indicate on the sign-in sheet when a bottle or snack is to be given to your child.  If your child has food allergies, please let the staff member on duty know. Please do not bring any snacks that contain nuts.

Sickness Policy

While it is impossible to totally prevent colds or other “childhood ailments,” we offer the following guidelines to parents and volunteers in order to limit exposure of our children to illness.  Please do not bring your child to Kidsrock if s/he has:

  1. A fever

  2. Experienced vomiting within the last 24 hours

  3. A runny nose with colored material or conjunctivitis

  4. Cough not related to allergies (Especially croup)

  5. Diarrhea within the past 24 hours

  6. Been exposed to a contagious disease like chicken pox


Email our Kidsrock Director, Melissa Nystedt. She’d love to help you connect!